If you follow my personal blog, or actually know me at all, you may have picked up on the subtle mentions about my return to school. I will start my third year working towards a joint major in Business Admin + English Literature in September.

One of the courses I’m taking this summer is Popular Fiction taught by Sara Humphreys. Originally, I was just going to take a straight Honours in Business Admin. I recently changed that to my joint major partly because I realized that if I’m going to do this, I would like to include studies in something that really excites and interests me (literature)….and after taking a couple Econ classes, I was convinced to switch for the ability to be done with them and all other math-related stuff. It’s not like I’m bad at math, either. My marks have been fine. I actually kind of like algebra. I just wanted to be able to take classes in something that means something to me and being able to get credit for that is a bonus.

So, we get to this blog. This is the major project for this course. This is how much I enjoy the course and the innovative support of the instructor. We had choices – a couple of essay set-ups, a creative project (short story in a specific style and formula or a work of illustrated digital fiction) or a blog. I chose the blog (obviously). This is the actual assignment description:

In a blog, please explore the material/visual culture of one novel on the course. Emphasis will be on Content + Research (50%), Design (25%) and Writing Style + Correctness (25%).

The novels we cover in this course are:

Anne of Green Gables • Lucy Maud Montgomery
12 Years a Slave • Solomon Northup
Uncle Tom’s Cabin • Harriet Beecher Stowe
The Hunger Games • Suzanne Collins

We are also covering the following examples of popular digital fiction:

Allie Brosh • Hyperbole and a Half
Matthew Inman • The Oatmeal


That is essentially it. Thanks for your curiosity and interest.
If you’re interested in the course, check it out!



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